Nadia Zanola is the genius fashion designer behind illustrious Italian Designer Label


The brand's history and Nadia's successful life story is epic. It begins in the late 1950's a long ago forgotten time when women were still wearing knitted swimwear to the beach, looking uncool & feeling uncomfortable. Thankfully, the stylish Italian’s were, as always, one step ahead, experimenting with luxurious materials & adopting ancient Japanese techniques.

Nadia Zanola was much part of this forward thinking movement and "dexterity" and began producing high quality knits at

“Maglificio Nadia" , her laboratory.

By selecting 100% Italian raw materials and using the finest craftsmanship she guaranteed the highest quality.

Today, D’EXTERIOR still produces the finest knitwear with all productions carefully controlled by Nadia and her collaborators.

Standing by her motto "Excellence" Nadia is one of the world's greatest fashion designers with D’EXTERIOR recognised worldwide for their luxurious handmade collections and  adored by all at Mousetrap.